Dulcet Tile, Inc., a creator of elegant and innovative marble mosaics, debut in the luxury tile market in 2021. Since, Dulcet Tile has expanded into 80 exclusive dealerships across California, Texas, Florida and New York, and currently prospecting boutique throughout the country.

Dulcet Tile owns a manufacturing facility which allows them the advantage to push the limits of the marble and mosaic production process. By doing so, they have created exclusive designs that traditional manufacturers cannot emulate. Over 100 exquisite natural materials can be applied to their designs, as well as to tailor the scale of each pattern. As a result, Dulcet Tile provides an endless array of bespoke designs. In addition to having direct manufacturing control, custom designs can take between 8 to 12 weeks for delivery.  Since they import and ship directly, Dulcet Tile can better manage and maintain a full, inventory.

By authorizing specialized showrooms, they are able to offer artistically soothing, and well-priced marble products. Therefore, this exclusivity approach is the first phase to becoming the national leader in luxury marble mosaics.

The tile industry has numerous competitors that produce mosaics through machine-based methods which focus on dimensional shapes and use inexpensive materials, such as metal, glass, ceramic and cement tile, rather than producing artistic cuts from marble stone.  Typically, mosaic manufacturers charge more due to the intensive effort to select and store natural stone, the constraints of their manufacturing, and their added labor for production. The advantage of Dulcet Tile owns their manufacturing and production facility, they are able to incorporate a deep understanding of the fabrication constraints, allowing them to design innovative patterns.  Each cut stone is then, meticulously hand-placed onto an acrylic mesh fabric with an interlocking design to make installation seamless. Dulcet Tile is reinventing the mosaic tile industry and has ignited a commanding niche in elegant, marble tile.


About Dulcet Tile:

Dulcet Tile offers industry leading design and artistic beauty in marble mosaic tile.  Their designers are talented and unparalleled in the tile world. Dulcet Tile’s collections are designed with timeless elegance that are destined to impress for years to come. Always innovating and ushering new styles to the market, Dulcet Tile is the leader in marble mosaic tile and has been featured in Media Coverage.  For more information, go to or call (714) 822-1237.


Scott Setterlund